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Aspirations! 2019

It’s that time of year again!

As you know, every year we ask our older children what they are thinking of doing when they leave school. This always prompts some really great conversations about careers and subject choices and lets them ask any questions. We then try to invite people to speak to the children who already do these jobs, or who have some experience in this field. This is a really useful aspect of our curriculum as it allows the children to start thinking of the future and to think about the possibilities a good education opens up for them. It also improves their confidence as they learn to talk to adults and to listen to experts talk about their field.

So far this year we have had conversations about:

  • football coaches
  • vets
  • architects
  • music directors
  • digital content creators.

The children are interested in Zoologists, builders and mechanics. We have already had a Skype chat with a football coach, and we now need your help to find others who can talk to us.

If you can help, please contact the school office 01228670393.

Thank you!

British Science Week 2019

This week we are celebrating Science Week. Along with the British Science Association, British Science Week has been always been a feature of our calendar.

This week we are starting with a Robotics Workshop, C4 today and C3 tomorrow. We also have a ‘mix-up’ afternoon where the whole school will be taking part in different scientific activities with different teachers. Later in the week each class will have a different focus for their work – and you can see the results of this on Friday in our Science Exhibition (from 2:45pm).

As usual this week gives us the chance to embed our science curriculum and to challenge our children to think deeper and to engage with different scientific concepts. We look forward to sharing our work with you all on Friday!

World Book Day 2019

Following on from our successful clue hunt last year we are continuing our trend of a low-key World Book day!

This year things are complicated further by some of the children being out at football tournament.

World Book Day will then be celebrated in school with in-class activities; these involve a look at some of our favourite non-fiction books for Class 2, drama and dressing up in Class 1 and scavenger hunts in Class 3 and 4! As usual World Book Day vouchers will come home, and as an extra treat there will be party in after-school club. This party, which the children can dress up for, will be at the usual cost of Kids Club (£5 until 5pm including snack!).

Remember – the whole point of World Book Day is to celebrate books – if you want some ideas for doing this at home you can take a look here. 




Celebrating our Chinese Links!

This term we have created links with a school in Guangzhou, China.

Currently our school council is planning a ‘culture box’ to share with the school and they have already sent us videos of their box, which is on it’s way to us!

To reinforce these links we will be celebrating Chinese New Year on Wednesday 6th February, which is a day after the official Chinese New Year on Tuesday 5th.

We will be taking part in traditional crafts such as making Chinese New Year cards, creating paper dragons and learning about the myths and legends which are part of the Chinese Culture. The children will have the chance to cook traditional foods such as rice, noodles and vegetables.

We will also have a slightly different lunch that day of Sweet and Sour Chicken with Sticky Rice Balls (made by Class 4!) for pudding.  If your child doesn’t normally have school lunch on this day they are welcome to opt in – just speak to Dee in the office.

To support us with this, and to share their own culture and language we are also welcoming Chinese students from Austin Friars School in Carlisle.

This will be a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn about the languages in China as well as their culture and traditions.



Governors Needed!

We will soon be looking for new governors for our Governing Board.

Castle Carrock School will be looking for new governors ready to start in September 2019. Two of these governors will be Parent Representatives – elected by the parents – election dates for this will be forthcoming. There may also be space for community, or co-opted, governors.

The governing body would therefore like to take this opportunity to explain what a governor does, and to ask anybody who may be interested in this role to come and have a chat either with Ms Stacey, or Mr Mark Hetherington, the Chair of the Governing Board.

As a parent governor you do not have to vote in a particular way because you have been pressed to do so by parents. Objectivity, however, is essential.Parent governors are elected by other parents and it is important to establish a rapport with the parental body that elected you, whilst continuing to maintain a strategic approach to school governance.

As an effective parent governor, you:

  • Help to decide the priorities for improving the school
  • Make yourself available to parents, listen to other parents’ opinions and take account of them as you contribute to governors’ decisions
    Work in partnership with the headteacher, senior leadership team and co-operatively with other governors to raise standards and improve outcomes for all children
  • Take responsibility for your own learning and development as a governor including attending training
  • Attend full governing body and relevant committee meetings promptly, regularly, and for the full time
  • Read briefings and newsletters for governors; present a balanced view of issues representing different sections of the community
  • Promote the interests of the school in the wider community
  • Are loyal to the decisions made by the governing body
  • Respect the confidentiality of governing body affairs
  • Never promise to ‘solve a problem’ on your own
  • Never press your own child’s case at the expense of others
  • Declare an interest and withdraw from any meeting where you, a partner or close relative or associate stands to gain, or where you are so close to a matter discussed it is difficult to be impartial
  • Have regard to the broader responsibilities as a governor of a public institution in regard to promoting accountability for the actions and performance of the governing body

It is an incredibly rewarding role – and you play a key part in the vision, ethos and direction of the school!

Dates and deadlines will be advertised soon.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please ask to have a chat with Ms Stacey – or one of the other school governors.