We are very lucky to be surrounded by a community that is very much involved with the Arts and loves putting on a good show!

We can use these resources all around us to ensure our children receive excellent music education through a wide range of experiences. We aim to develop their love of music and their talent as musicians and so increase their self confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. As our pupils progress they will develop a critical engagement with music, and begin to compose and to listen with discrimination to various genres of music.


The National Curriculum for music can be downloaded here. National Curriculum for Music

What our music provision looks like:

We have expert help here at school to ensure that we provide the best possible start to Music education. Throughout the year each class will have at least a term with a dedicated music teacher. This means that there is a steady progression throughout the school and clear expectations that the children will experience the use of tuned and untuned instruments.

We also have whole school singing provision – again led by an expert music teacher. This allows the children to join in with different music styles and to learn a range of different songs, both modern and traditional. We can also use this time to connect the school with celebrations and festivities such as Harvest Festival and Christmas.

Performing gives our children the chance to take pride in their work – to develop their skills and to enjoy what they are doing with their friends and family. Parents and the community are often invited; at Christmas time and Harvest Festival, for example. As part of the Music on the Marr festival our choir also performs in front of an international audience!