A Day in the life of a Castle Carrock Pupil!

The day can begin early for a pupil at Castle Carrock as our Breakfast Club begins at 8AM and after school club can go on to 6pm.

However this diary follows the typical day of Grace, a child in Year 6!

Grace arrives at school for 9am – and starts the day with a chat in the playground.
We start every day with reading here at Castle Carrock, and depending on the day this could mean quiet reading, a reading activity or reading with a teacher.


Here is what else Grace had to say about her day:

The Day In The life …
Hello there my name is Grace and I’m going to show you the day in a life of a year five pupil here in Castle Carrock .  It will show you the classrooms the staff , lessons and how much fun we have!

My awesome day starts with a fun break time having a chat with my friends at break having a fun time . Next I go into the classroom to do registration and read my book for the next forty minutes. After that is over I head to maths which is in the classroom as well .Also we learn different skills every week like division and angles . After that I get a break and I have a snack and play on the Adventure playground and that it pretty much an obstacle course.
Fifteen minutes later I head in to Literacy and do lots of other cool stuff like learn about our topic which at the moment is ‘Big Cats.’ It is one of the best subjects along with other types of amazing subjects too. Another day ago I went to a Zoo to research some more about big cats and that was cool too as well as seeing other animals.
After that I head in to lunch and have whatever is on the menu which is cooked by an amazing cooks called Maggs and Sylvia. After that I head out to break and enjoy the fresh air looking forward to the afternoon.
This afternoon I am taking part in a science experiment all about money – we are trying to clean copper coins – working out the best way that we can do that using different solutions and chemicals. I’ll be able to tell you all about that when we are finished!

An afternoon session here at Castle Carrock can be anything from computing sessions to music sessions, with extra literacy and numeracy along the way! Currently every child here get’s the chance to play the ukulele – which often results in a school performance at the wonderful ‘Music on the Marr’ festival!. We are also very proud of our PE and Sports activities and the school often takes part in local competitions and events.


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