Climate Change on the Curriculum

On Friday, whilst we didn’t strike here at school,  we took part in the Action for Climate Change Day within our lessons.

We welcomed a local resident into school who spoke to the school about the impact the changing climate has on the butterflies here in Castle Carrock. John Miles also spoke to the children about how the changes  affect plant life and had some amazing photographs which illustrated just how beautiful the butterflies are. It turns out that we have some very knowledgeable children here at school!

For the rest of the day Key Stage 2 had two workshops – with Ms Stacey they explored the impact the changing climate is having now – using data from NASA and an amazing app called Earth Now. Y6 then designed an amazing webpage with information and ideas whilst Year 5 worked on posters to illustrate the small things that we can all do! Year 3  and 4 worked on leaflets with five things we can all do to help our planet!

With Mr Kirby the children worked on a science investigation designed to explore the insulation properties of different materials and how we can use this information to think about building materials.

A very worthwhile day – and one which the children enjoyed. Having a positive outlook on the changes taking place locally – and being realistic about the impact around the Earth is so important for the children.

You can take a look at the Y6 website here. 

The app Earth Now!