Computing and Code Club

Code Club has been running here at Castle Carrock for over a year now – it is open to all in Key Stage 2 (Year 3 and up)- some members are new and some have been coming right from the beginning.

Code Club is a simple idea that has taken off nationwide – essentially give the children access to well written projects using Scratch and a volunteer who knows the basics to coding and watch them create. You can find more about Code Club here.

Here at Castle Carrock Code Club fits very well with our computing curriculum – by Year 4 all the children will have tried out the basic of coding and computing using Espresso (and some Scratch). The computing curriculum however begins in Early Years with simple robots and instruction writing.

Code Club takes that further – it allows the pupils to experiment and challenge themselves with a logical language that you can actually do anything with! Scratch is free – and is very simple to get started. Here are a few of the creations:

Here is Finlay’s ‘party’ – in this example each banana is actually programmed individually to make a noise. The next step here would be to make that easy for the listener to pick out (e.g. by clicking on the banana).

In Fern’s example you begin by clicking the girl on the left hand side – then following the instructions.

This example, by Tom, shows how you can use the programming for animation.

Incidentally – we are still looking for a volunteer for our code club!