Computing, E-Safety and ICT

Computing at Castle Carrock School follows the National Curriculum which can be found here.

It is taught through both discreet lessons and within the use different technologies and devices throughout school. As a Google Apps school we introduce the children to the Google App infrastructure during Year 2.

E Safety

E Safety is a vital part of the curriculum – for both PHSE and Computing. Children are taught from an early age how to look after themselves online and the affects of online bullying on their friends and themselves. At Key Stage 2 lessons may include information all about password safety, or keeping information safe; whilst at Key Stage 1 we will take about the need to check with an adult before clicking links, or who you can talk to if you see something you don’t like.

We also share advice with parents and hold regular workshops to answer questions famlies may have.

Parents and Carers can also find help and advice here.