Regular questionnaires ensure that all voices are heard

  • Children take part in a pupil questionnaire each year.
  • Parents are asked a ‘short’ questionnaire at each parents’ evening.
  • The governors carry out an in depth questionnaire every two years.

Recent changes the pupil voice questionnaire has brought about:

  • the introduction of a school council
  • changes to the school menu – including more vegetarian options and adding Lasagna
  • Introduction of a ‘Science Week’ in order to push the sciences

Each Parents’ evening there is a short questionnaire to get the views of all parents. From your feedback (2015) so far:

  • We changed how we communicate  – all letters go on the new website, newsletters are fortnightly and there is a running ‘diary’ which is as up to date as possible
  • We have changed our homework policy and given homework diaries to Class 4 children
  • You asked us for more information about ‘how’ we teacher certain subjects. We now have parent workshops, led by teachers to explain how we teach concepts such as reading, the assessment we carry out and about our focus on ‘Growth Mindset’.

The next Governors’ Questionnaire will be this academic year (2015/2016)