Google Classroom – A Parents’ Guide

Castle Carrock make use of Google Apps for Schools, and the Google Classroom platform to share resources with the pupils.

Google Suite for Education is a group of tools that allow students and teachers to collaborate in real-time on a wide variety of documents, spreadsheets and and even websites. All tools are free, reliable and secure. You can find out about the suites here:

These can all be used and viewed at home and work can be set and handed in via the Google Classroom platform. The pupils are also able to comment on work and upload their own resources. It is an excellent introduction to online learning for our pupils and links well with the google drive applications such as google docs and slides.

How to find Google Classroom

‘Google Chrome’ tends to work best.

The children all have individual log-ins which can usually be found in their  school diary.

Go to and log in with the children’s account details.

If you receive an error message check that you are not already logged in with a personal google mail account.