A valuable home/school link is formed when children see that their families are actively involved in their own learning.  We aim for all children to be actively involved in the topics studied at school and encourage them to research for suitable material at home, within their family, at the library, etc. Parents receive the class topic information at the start of each term (or half term if appropriate) and this can then be used by families to further explore if they wish. We also recognise the need for ‘family time’ – quality conversation and time spent sharing family activities and we feel this is just as important as ‘homework’ as set from school. We last consulted parents regarding our policy in September 2016 and the governors will consult again in September 2018.

Homework will differ according to the class. All children should be encouraged to read – and there is some fantastic guidance here for families. We recommend children both read their own books to themselves and are read to regularly by adults in the household. All children need to learn their times tables by the end of Year 4.

In addition all children will receive spellings or a vocabulary focus – in Class 4 for example these are linked to the national curriculum expectations whilst in Class 1 they will be linked to early reading expectations.

Find our Homework Policy here: [Download not found]