International Day of the Family

Today is International Day of the Family and if ever there was a more pertinent time for us to look at our families and to celebrate them it is right now.

There are a multitude of different family types and today they do not always consist of people that are directly related to one another as families are fluid and can change. The most important thing about being part of a family is that you are with people who consider you, who care about how you feel, who respect you, listen to you and support you when you ask for help; people who try to understand you, who allow you to make decisions and guide you towards your goals, who value your opinions and encourage you to express yourself in a calm and nurturing environment. Families look out for each other and notice when you behave differently, they invite you to share any problems, worries and anxieties that you may have, and sometimes just by talking to your family they become less of a problem and together you can work out a solution.

Families are fun. These are the people who may know you better than others, where you can relax and be yourself, knowing that they will not judge you and they will not stop loving you. You can be silly in your family, you can express yourself and be truthful in a way that sometimes you cannot be when you are with other people, families can make you feel free.

It is our families that are with us now as we all share the experience of this different way of living – some of them are close to us in the same house, some of them are a small picture on a screen that we talk to and some of them on the other end of a phone call or a text message. At Castle Carrock School we consider ourselves to be a family; we all care about each other and will be here to support each other through this experience till a time when we can all hopefully get together again.

So Happy International Day of the Family and go celebrate your wonderful family