March 8th

Cautious Optimism – that seems to be the phrase everyone is using right now, and it stands to reason. As we come out of this second period of home learning we are all anxious not to find ourselves in this situation again.

As school opens up to all pupils on the 8th of March we are hoping for lots of optimism. We look forward to welcoming our children back and to have our school filled with happy, smiling faces once again. We know how hard learning from home has been for many of you, the juggling of roles, organisng time and trying to tick all the boxes. Planning and teaching those at home is not easy for staff either, and relying so much on technology does not come naturally to many of us.

From Monday, March 8th then, school will be opening as it was before the January lockdown. Key Stage 1 (along with EYFS) and Key Stage 2 will be two separate bubbles to enable clear track and trace in the event of any infection. Key Stage 2 will enter school via the gate on the field. School will finish at 3:15pm with afterschool club and breakfast club operating as normal.

Other risk-mitigating measures will continue:

  • Handwashing (which should be second nature!) will continue as before, and windows and doors of classrooms open to ensure ventilation
  • No items will be permitted from home – such as toys – with books and homework left for 72 hours before being looked at.
  • On PE days children will need to come into school in their PE kit – this is because we have to be much more careful about how we use space.

When we return our focus will be on allowing the children to reconnect with peers and with their teachers. Routines, learning behaviours and school expectations will be a priority – alongside the personal, health and wellbeing elements of the curriculum. The teachers will quickly grasp where the children are within their learning, and a focus on confidence and the ‘basics’ will allow us to plan topics and their curriculum for the future.

‘Lost learning’ is not always a useful concept; nor is the idea of ‘catch up’ – we know that the children will all have been doing things differently whilst at home, and we are aware that some children will have had challenges to face. There is a chance to talk to your class teachers on March 23rd and 24th – this Parents’ Evening will be online / by phone – and will give both yourselves and the class teacher the chance to share concerns, challenges and to discuss how your child has settled. Year 6 parents will have the chance to talk about the plans for transition to secondary school and I have already been in touch with the Year 6 parents regarding any concerns and questions for this.

We remain optimistic that we will be able to continue our return to normalty as the government has mapped out.

As usual, if you have any questions please get in touch with the school office!