We are really proud to use White Rose Maths here at Castle Carrock School. 

Having adopted this scheme as a whole school in 2019, our children are settling into its consistent child-friendly format which offers a range of challenge to all from Year 1 through to Year 6. As a school, we have embraced this to help promote children’s problem solving skills in maths, develop them as more independent learners and to encourage an enjoyment in investigating maths through the wide range of learning materials our teachers use.

Parents can see the calculation policy for White Rose Maths here.  

In addition to this, teachers supplement the White Rose scheme with additional work from other areas as well as practical learning and group investigation work. This allows children to experience a wider range of questioning and opportunities to apply their learning both independently and collaboratively. 

This scheme has provided excellent home learning support during lockdown which has allowed children to retain familiarity and much needed continuity. 

You can find the Mathematics National Curriculum here. 

Maths 'I Can' statements for Years 1-6.

Some key ways Parents can help with Maths:

We recommend some websites and activities for children across the school. These are accessed from their google landing pages:

EYFS and Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2 

  • Quick number bonds are the building blocks in Early Years – numbers that make 10, 20, 100 etc.
  • Help your child learn their times tables! By the end of Year 4 all children are expected to know their times tables, by heart! See this article for advice.
  • Spot maths everywhere! Often children don’t realise just how much of our daily life is built on mathematics – from patterns to measuring, money and tax – teach them that it is vital!
  • Our Landing Pages for the pupils contain links to various maths game-based websites which can be used at home. They land on these pages when they log in to their school google account online.