Phonics Schemes

 The Teaching of Phonics



We use the Letters and Sounds phonics programme across the school.

Letters and Sounds is a six-phase programme designed to help teach children to read and spell with phonics. Parents can play a vital role in helping their children develop these skills, by encouraging their children to listen carefully and talk extensively about what they hear, see and do. . 

We also support children who need it with ‘top-up’ and small phonics sessions throughout their time at Castle Carrock.

There are many resources, apps and books which can support the teaching of phonics at home – please speak to the class teacher if you want more information.  We also hold a regular Parents’ Information session – usually at the beginning of the school year. 

Some parents may find the pronunciation and letter names confusing. Mr Thorne does Phonics is a great site with easy to watch videos which will guide you through the expectations.

You can find more information about  Letters and Sounds in the following download. 

Parents’ Guide to Phonics