Pupil Performance

National Curriculum Tests

At age 11 (Key Stage 2 – Year 6) all children sit a series of tests in English and Maths.  These are set externally and apply to ALL children at these ages.  Results are published nationally and for Cumbria.

In addition Key Stage 1 children are assessed at the end of Year 2 and the results are published and shared with parents. Year 1 children also take part in a ‘phonics check’ and this result is also shared with parents.

This page shows our progress and achievement in these tests.

2017/2018 Results

Our Year 6 cohort was only ten children this year. As usual care should always be taken when comparing cohorts due to small sizes – percentages in particular can be misleading.

  • In Key Stage 2 – Attainment

% at Expected Standard in Reading, Writing and Maths 50%

Subject – Reading – 70%, Writing – 70%, Grammar – 60% and Maths – 50%

These results are above the floor target and an improvement on data last year although we recognise that there is work to do to bring our attiainment in line with national results.

  • In Key Stage 1 – Attainment

At expected for Reading, Writing and Maths – 45%

Reading – 60%, Writing, 45% and Maths – 50%

  • Phonics check  – 66%
  • EYFS at Expected Standard (GLD) – 80%

Find the published data here. 


Castle Carrock Primary School was last inspected by OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education) in June 2014 and we were pleased to receive an overall grade of good with some areas as outstanding. A copy of the OFSTED Report is available here. [Download not found]