Pupil Performance

National Curriculum Tests

At age 11 (Key Stage 2 – Year 6) all children sit a series of tests in English and Maths.  These are set externally and apply to all children at these ages.  Results are published nationally and for Cumbria.

In addition Key Stage 1 children are assessed at the end of Year 2 and the results are published and shared with parents. Year 1 children also take part in a ‘phonics check’ and this result is also shared with parents.

This page shows our progress and achievement in these tests.

2018/2019 Results

Our Year 6 cohort was only ten children this year. As usual care should always be taken when comparing cohorts due to small sizes – percentages in particular can be misleading.

  • In Key Stage 2 – Attainment

% at Expected Standard in Reading, Writing and Maths @ 33%

Subject – Reading – 56%, Writing – 78%, Maths – 67%

  • In Key Stage 1 – Attainment

At expected for Reading, Writing and Maths – 50%

Reading – 60%, Writing, 45% and Maths – 50%

  • Phonics check  – 66%
  • EYFS at Expected Standard (GLD) – 80%

Three Year Averages and Data Over Time

Find the published data here.