100 Club

Want to be in with a chance of winning cash prizes every month and support our school?

Join the Castle Carrock School 100 Club

The successful 100 Club has run for a number of years at Castle Carrock School and we would like to invite you to join or renew your membership; this is how it works:

Members pay £10 per number/per year (10 draws).

40% goes to the prize fund so the more members, the higher the values of the prizes (e.g. 100 members equals a prize fund of £40 a month with a 1st prize of £20, 2nd £10, 3rd & 4th £5).

60% goes to Castle Carrock School to support the maintenance and development of the school garden. During 2013/2014 the school garden benefited from £350 from 100 Club funds so a huge thank you to all of you who supported us last year.

Sound interesting? In order to take part, you need to complete the attached form filling in all the details of yourself and any family members who would like to take part.