With support from the Brampton Rotary Club we have a group of children in Class 4 who form our RotaKids Group.

Pupil Leadership

RotaKids apply for the role to the outgoing Y6 Rotakids, where they write a letter and are then interviewed. They are usually chosen from Year 5 and Year 6.

The RotaKids have a simple mission; they raise money for charity through orgainsing fun school-wide events. At the beginnning of each year the new Roatkids select their chosen charity and then look at ideas for fundraising.

They take control of this as much as possible; write their own letters, talk to the children and make phone calls to the charities they support.


This year they chose the Jigsaw Hospice and immediately began planning their first event – a toy drive. This proved very successful – and they delivered the toys to the hospice after christmas.

Their next event is a quiz! Watch this space to see how successful that is.