Supporting Parents at Home

This week we cancelled an after school session that was planned to explore calculation methods and how we teach maths. Alongside that email I sent out a very quick three question survey to explore when a good time would be for sessions with parents, and what good topics would be. The overwhelming request has been for ‘how we can help at home’. Typically, however, we can’t agree when a good time would be!

In order to support as many parents as we can, we are going to put together a pack for each class so that you can see some kind of activities that will help. These packs will come home early next week. In addition to these packs class teachers will endeavour to put on a session to explore these packs in person. Of course, if you have any specific questions for your child please do pop in to school.

It is also worth pointing you as well to this web page – the How You Can Help section on the website. This may point you to some ideas that can support any thing you wish to do at home.