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PSHE at Castle Carrock School

What is PSHE?

PSHE stands for Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education. It is a subject which is ‘non statutory’ within the English Curriculum, but nevertheless is given high status. This means that schools and teachers can personalise provision for their pupils and ensure that they are equipped with the skills and knowledge to make good decisions and to understand the world around them.

Our Curriculum

We use guidance from the PSHE Association (which is part funded by the government). This guidance splits the curriculum into three main areas:

  1. Health and Wellbeing
  2. Relationships
  3. Living in the Wider World and Being a Responsible Citizen

Health and Wellbeing

This area teaches children about their health; how they can look after their bodies and how to make the right choices about food, for example. It looks at emotional well being – at developing strategies for dealing with stress and how to maintain their physical health. In Key Stage 2 it also explores puberty, sex and relationship education and drugs.

Our children learn about road safety, both walking and cycling. About who can help them in an emergency. We meet those in the community who support our health and wellbeing such as doctors, police officers, mental health nurses and even mountain rescue groups. Some lessons will involve written work; writing letters or thinking about problems from others’ perspectives.


This area of the curriculum has recently undergone some changes – for us in primary it is about how to build relationships, how to recognise and manage emotions as well as how to respond when relationships are negative or risky. Within the new statutory framework children are taught about diversity and equality.

Much of the ‘relationship’ aspect of the curriculum is taught through modelling behaviour, stories and expectations. Discussion in class, especially in Key Stage 2, can unpick these areas and we also welcome visitors in school – such as the Carlisle United Community Team – who explore diversity through recognisable aspects of team work and team games.

Living in the Wider World

Within this category the children learn about their community, about their rights and responsibilities. About the importance of looking after our environment, responsible actions and how they can contribute to their society.

Within school we encourage discussion around recent events – watching the news and planning within our topics ways in which recent events can be taught. We look at class and group rules, including a school council and the Key Stage 2 Rotakids Group. As with other areas of PSHE assemblies are important and provide the chance to tell stories and to hear from visitors.

Across the Curriculum

Lots of our PSHE curriculum can also be taught cross-curricular. In science for example we also look at how we can keep healthy or what types of food our body needs. Teamwork is explored in PE and aspects of living in the wider world fit into many areas of the curriculum.