The British Council International School Award!

It gives me great to pleasure to announce that we have recieved the Intermediate International School Award from the British Council!

This award recognises our commitment to giving our pupils as wide as educational experience as possible, exploring citizenship, culture and childhood across the world. Thanks to committed staff members we have an exciting connection with Gurukul Academy in Nepal – and have been able to welcome visitors from that academy to the school. Mr Armstrong visited Nepal last year, with support from The British Council, and the whole school community has been able to benefit from his experience.

We also plan our curriculum carefully, encouraging comparisons and contrasts with people from around the globe. This year Class 4 explored America whilst Class 2 are currently studying Asia and Africa. Key Stage 2 classes all explore French in their curriculum.

This type of curriculum breadth is absolutely necessary for our pupils, one of our aims as a school is to ensure our children are responsible and effective citizens, and an understanding of the world around them is crucial for this. Comparing cultures and experiences from across the world also helps bring the curriculum to life for our pupils; recognising the similarities in the experiences of children worldwide or supporting charities who help send children to school.


We are now planning our approach to gain the full International School Award! Always aiming higher…