Week 1 Complete!

As we finish our first full week I thought I would take the opportunity to reflect: what is working well and what we need to think about as we move forward.

As ever, I want to start by thanking everyone for their adaptability in these strange times. Both staff and children are getting used to new lunch times, to being outside much more and restricting their movement around school. Parents and carers as well are adapting; new routines at the end of school; booking into Kids Club and Breakfast Club (which is very useful for us); and not coming onto the school site.

Some of these changes are working very well – such as separate playgrounds for the two age groups which gives the children lots of space to play games and to talk to their friends again. Some changes are proving a bit more challenging – such as the bus drop off and pick up with the two bubbles – and the bus not driving through parents but waiting in one spot.

The children however have started their school year in excellent form; they have really taken everything in their stride! It has been great to see and really inspirational.

There are common questions and concerns which arise – I’ve answered a few here:

What if my child is ill?

Covid symptoms (change to sense of smell, a dry hacking cough or high temperature) are currently very specific – and if your child displays any of these symptoms then you should isolate and get them a test. However, as we know, it is ‘common cold and flu’ season – if you are unsure or worried, keep your child at home so you can closely monitor their temperature and cough. Once they start to feel better, and they have displayed no Covid-19 symptoms, then they can return to school.

What do we do if our household has to isolate?

If your household is isolating, but the child attending our school has not had a positive test then all you need to do is keep us informed as to how they are feeling. Isolation for a household is fourteen days, and during this time your health and wellbing is paramount. If you are able you can also try to keep a routine for reading and some home work.

For the older children this could mean just checking in with their Google Classroom online, (Key Stage 2 Landing Page Here) daily reading of their book and using platforms such as Times Table Rockstar. For the younger children it will be about reading at home, talking about their books, some simple writing and drawing and taking any advice from the teacher. Class 1 Page here. Class 2 Page here.

Unless the whole bubble has to isolate teachers wouldn’t normally provide work for home, but they will be happy to advise you and point you in the right direction. Termly outline plans for each class are online.

I’m concerned about the rising number of cases – can I keep my child at home?

The short answer to this is no, the government have made our role very clear in keeping children in school and keeping schools open. And, in fact, we all know how important it is for the children to see their friends and to continue to learn. However, if you are beginning to feel anxious, or you are worried about family members please do contact school. We all need to be able to share our concerns and be honest about how we are feeling.

How can we ensure that parents are still involved in their children’s school life?

This is really important to us, and as we settle in to the day-to-day routine it is something that we are going to dedicate more time to. In the first instance we will soon be sending out an online link for our Friday Assemblies, so Parents / Carers and Grandparents can watch our weekly assemblies. We will be holding some online workshops for parents looking at different areas of supporting your child, such as using Google Apps, or Early Reading. We are currently thinking about the best way to manage homework and the governors are meeting with myself to look at how this can all be managed.

I hope this blog post is useful – and I will try to keep these updated. As this situation progresses we need to ensure that all information is shared is is clear – please do get in touch if you are unsure about anything.

Ms Stacey